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NNOAC Foundation Outreach Programs
From one-hour presentations to day-long programs, NNOAC Foundation outreach programs educate the business community, public and private organizations, school groups and citizens about the opioid crisis as the drug abuse epidemic continues in our nation. These presentations discuss the liabilities, threats and risks from drug abuse in the work place, schools and the community. A list of resources and services is provided to participants to help them combat drug abuse in the work place, in schools and in the community.

NNOAC Foundation presentations are designed specifically for each group. School and parent groups generally request short, one-hour presentations while business groups concerned with work place safety generally request presentations that last several hours.

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the World Conference Against Drugs in Gothenburg Sweden
By Peter F. Boyce, General Counsel, on behalf of the NNOAC Foundation
The NNOAC was organized in the United States more than 20 years ago by a group of senior Drug Enforcement Officers to mobilize law enforcement throughout the U.S. and then to educate, train, and equip law enforcement to combat illegal drugs.   Today our organization is composed of the top narcotics officers from throughout the U.S. We work together to focus our efforts on what is best for law abiding, tax paying citizens, and to make public safety a priority.

The NNOAC always has been, is, and will be against the legalization and/or the decriminalization of any controlled substance including marijuana.  Rather than harm reduction, we seek harm elimination. Marijuana is not legal on the Federal level but nearly 26 states have crafted state laws to allow for legalization, decriminalization or medical marijuana.

The NNOAC is opposed to medical marijuana and supports our FDA, which bases its approval of any drug on strict medical guidelines, not on heart wrenching stories of kids with rare medical conditions.  

Pot legalization has been a disaster.  There has been a dramatic increase in drug use and addiction. States like Colorado have seen more drugged driving deaths, drug related crime, emergency room admissions that are directly related to legalization.  While powerful, well-funded proponents emphasize tax revenue that comes to each state that legalizes pot, they never mention the tremendous cost to the states who adopt legalization. States that have legalized pot have found that the benefit of tax revenue does not come close to the real cost incurred by these states in social services, medical costs, increased crime, plus the necessity of funding more law enforcement and rehab services.

The black market is thriving and much of the marijuana produced in states that have legalized pot is being distributed to other states throughout the U.S.

Also the potency of marijuana has increased dramatically.  Children are becoming addicts because of kid friendly, edible pot products like gummy bears, cookies and candy.

We must reduce the supply to cut the addiction issue.  The NNOAC is committed to working with all law enforcement throughout our country and the world community to enhance supply reduction.  We must all work together to stop this growing threat to our world community.

The NNOAC and the NNOAC Foundation is also working to combat another real problem in the U.S., the Opioid Crisis.  More than 64,000 people in the U.S. died last year because of opioid and other drug overdoses.

Opioid addiction is a real threat in the U.S.  Law enforcement, the medical community and governments must work together to combat this growing international concern.  We must educate the public about the transnational criminal organizations that make billions of dollars each year distributing opioids and other similar illegal, addictive substances to our citizens.  We have to be funded to combat this growing international problem. I suggest to you that the U.S. may be one of a few countries with an opioid crisis today but many of your countries will soon find it at your borders if not stopped now.

Just last week, our First Lady, Melania Trump, put combating opioid addiction as one of the priorities she intends to address.

The NNOAC supports mandatory sentences for drug dealers.  When we imposed mandatory sentences in the U.S. in the 1980’s for drug offenders, there was a huge reduction in drug use and violent crime.

Some of our politicians in the U.S. have lost their moral courage and have bowed to the pressure from the big money advocates of legalization.  It is naïve to think that after pot legalization these advocates will not push for the legalization of many more illegal substances.

Ask the people of Colorado what they think about pot legalization now.  They will tell you there are more pot stores than pharmacies in the state.  There is an alarming rate of pre-teens and teen use of pot, a huge increase in the need for social services, increased crime on the streets, communities and in the schools. Police are forced to spend too much time responding to calls about pot use and abuse in the schools and the community.

The NNOAC is committed to telling the U.S. and the world the truth about legalization and drug abuse.  We are committed to working with your organizations to fight this international battle. We are committed to keeping our citizens safe.  The health and well-being of our respective countries is at risk. The success of your country’s future depends upon our joint efforts.